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The Ethos of Our Children

Our ethos is that all children have fun, be cared for and loved by people who understand their individual needs so our children have positive experiences in a calm and loving family setting to build genuine, safe and trusting relationships.

About Us

At Hazelmont Care, we believe in truly nurturing the hearts and minds of our children and young people that come into our care, putting them at the heart of everything we do.

We are committed to our children being regarded as individuals, treated equally, with respect and to receive person centred and solution focused care that is unique to the child.

All of our children and young people are empowered to have the opportunity to think independently and make their own choices.  

Our Beliefs

We believe that our children will have the same fundamental rights as those not living in a children's home including

  • To have a safe, secure, caring and nurturing family environment which promotes a comfortable and positive group living experience
  • Receive an education which enhances life prospects, is enjoyable and promotes their wishes and feelings
  • Develop and nature lasting friendships within and outside the home

Our Home's

A Hazelmont home offers a welcoming, homely and safe environment for children and young people to blossom into young adults safe in the knowledge that a helping hand is always nearby.

Our prime focus is on creating a peaceful, loving and nurturing environment for all of our children, big or small.

More Information

If you would like to find out more about the service we provide or for more information on the many ways you can help support Hazelmont Care Homes, then please head on over to our contact page.